Welcome To My Blog
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Welcome To My Blog

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Running a Shopify Store is hard!

Between setting up your online store, creating good content to generate site traffic, and running paid ads there is a lot to do.

Shopify Themes are built to help you easily set up and customize your store but it can still be tough to get what you need out of them if you have no idea how this whole web design thing works.

And that's the reason why I started this blog.

Code That Converts is all about helping Shopify merchants that sell consumer electronics manage and make improvements to their website so they can get more sales and give their customers a better online experience.

What you can Expect From This Blog

My goal is to create useful content for you as a Shopify merchant and for the developer(s) that you work with.

That includes things like:

  • Shopify Theme Tips
  • Content about how to set up apps that can useful for your store
  • Code Tutorials for developers to build new features into your store

Why Should You Care About What I have to say

I wanted to include this part because this is a valid concern. You might be thinking, "this all sounds great but why should I trust what you have to say"?

I'll save you the grandiose speech but you should know that I am a Shopify Plus developer and Shopify Theme partner so it's safe to say I know a lot about Shopify websites.

The content that I will put out will help you to:

  • add new features to your Shopify store to boost sales
  • improve the experience potential customers have on your Shopify store
  • empower you to set up apps by yourself
  • implement SEO tips to boost organic rankings on Google Search Engine Results Pages

What will you get when you subscribe?

When you subscribe I will send new and interesting content directly to your inbox. I will send you emails about new blog posts or videos and every now and then I'll share some products with you that will either help you get more sales, improve your Shopify store or make your business easier to manage.

Either way, I'm happy to have you here and look forward to helping you improve your dropshipping business.